Float or Founder

Samantha Lloyd and Lisen Kaci
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Podcast Description:
Float or Founder

Float or Founder is about entrepreneurs in Toronto sharing their journey on how and why they started their companies.

Float or Founder: Podcast Review

November 9, 2019

Float or Founder is inspiring, and honest. It’s not always easy to lead a company, and nowadays, between the press on companies and dazzling Instagram posts from entrepreneurs, you can believe that it’s a lot easier than it looks. Through Float or Founder, you get to meet the driving force behind the company at hand and everything it took to get their business to where it is now. You learn that yes founders get funding but that they had to meet with 200 potential investors and hear 199 “nos.” You hear that yes founders built an incredible product that the market loves, but that the product pivoted innumerable times before it became what it is today. Most importantly: you learn that entrepreneurs are people who want to sleep in, binge Netflix, and order Uber Eats but that they have something else: undeniable drive and focus for their company. They sacrifice everything to build what they believe in and they’re willing to go the extra mile to make sure their company succeeds.

The passion of each founder comes through with Float or Founder’s guests. It’s fun to hear each founder’s unique take on their experience. The founders lead a range of companies, from lifestyle to technology, which keeps the content fresh and interesting - and never repetitive. The hosts, Samantha Lloyd and Lisen Kaci, put their entire focus on their podcast guest and the value their guest brings to the audience. I look forward to tuning into Float or Founder every week!

Podcast Critic:
Kristen Chodoriwsky

Kristen Chodoriwsky is a Registered Nurse based out of Toronto. As a striving Nurse Practitioner with her sights set on running her own family practice, Kristen loves learning from entrepreneurs and taking in more about the growth and change in health and medical technology.