F1: Beyond the Grid

Tom Clarkson
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Podcast Description:
F1: Beyond the Grid

F1: Beyond the Grid dives deep into the characters who are integral to the fabric of the sporting, entertainment and business side of this globetrotting sport. You’ll hear from current superstars of the sport and legendary figures from its past, and their personal stories that cover funny, fascinating or moving moments from the sport’s history.

F1: Beyond the Grid: Podcast Review

November 17, 2019

I’m a big sports fan, and Formula 1 is my first love. I’ve followed the sport religiously for the past 25 years (which makes me feel old!), and the F1: Beyond the Grid podcast has been a brilliant addition to the way that I follow the sport.

The podcast features hour-long interviews that provide an in-depth and revealing insight into the sport which you just don’t necessarily get from broadcast and print media. Not only covering current driving superstars like Lewis Hamilton, the podcast hears from a range of characters and players from this global sport, including drivers past and current, team managers and engineers.

I particularly love hearing from the people who were involved in the sport when I was growing up, including my childhood heroes, who I’d watch every two weeks on the TV while they risked their lives racing, or their engineers who sat track side devising elaborate strategies to win the race.

With such a rich variety of characters and roles who are interviewed, the podcast goes beyond just the topic of sporting prowess, but also touches on other themes such as teamwork, dedication, hard work, communication, perseverance and business that are also relevant to the daily lives of ordinary people.

It’s all brought together and guided expertly by the experienced journalist, Tom Clarkson, who does an awesome job of knowing the right questions to ask and the right times to ask them, helping to uncover fascinating stories that I’ve never heard before. I love being able to dip in and out of this podcast, whether to unwind as I walk home from a day at work, or on a lunchtime walk to pick up some groceries.

Whether you’re a Formula 1, motorsport or just a sports fan, this podcast is a brilliant listen.

Podcast Critic:
Stewart Slaymaker

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