Do the Thing with Melissa Urban

Melissa Urban
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Podcast Description:
Do the Thing with Melissa Urban

Melissa Urban, founder of Whole30, seeks to unblock your ability to achieve your goals through Do the Thing with Melissa Urban. While Melissa would be in the “health and fitness” category, this is so much more about self-efficacy and being the best you can be.

Do the Thing with Melissa Urban: Podcast Review

November 26, 2019

In Do the Thing with Melissa Urban, Melissa dives into topics like personal finance, health, fitness, yoga, setting boundaries, and understanding our own privileges and motivations. She takes a no-BS approach to reminding us to take responsibility for our own lives, but with a huge heap of compassion. She shines a light on how we can get in our own way with actions to take to move toward our goals.

I particularly appreciated the episodes on setting boundaries and “building a life you don’t want to escape from” - not things you’d think would help you say no to that third slice of pizza, or second glass of wine, but do. It’s not about willpower with her; it’s about getting to the heart of what you truly want for your life - and then those things that really never stuck will become automatic.

Podcast Critic:
Lauren Bates

Lauren is a commuter who loves to wander. She seeks out long-form funny podcasts that dig in and ask the big questions in life.