Dissect is a serialized music podcast researched and hosted by Cole Cuchna.


Cole Cuchna
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Podcast Description:

Dissect is a serialized music podcast researched and hosted by Cole Cuchna. Dissect picks one album per season and analyzes one song per episode measure by measure, word by word. Season 1 examines “To Pimp a Butterfly” by Kendrick Lamar. Season 2 tackles “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” by Kanye West. Season 3 dissects “Blonde” and “Channel Orange” by Frank Ocean. Season 4 breaks down Kendrick Lamar’s DNA. Every song on every album gets its own episode. Episodes range from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the song.

Dissect: Podcast Review

January 11, 2020

If you’re a music fan in anyway, Dissect is a must podcast. It does not matter if you're a hip-hop fan or not. Quite frankly if you have someone in your life (and we all do) who says things like “Rap isn’t music” or “I don’t understand what they’re saying, all I hear is swearing” please, please, please point them in the direction of this podcast. If Cole Cuchna can’t convince them of the genius of his subjects than maybe that person probably shouldn’t be in your life anymore.

Cole will go into explicit detail regarding the metaphors, slang and history behind every single word in every song. You will leave the first season being absolutely convinced that Kendrick Lamar is the second coming of Shakespeare, and I am not saying this glibly. The second season on the contradictions of Kanye West will have you fall in love, hate and love with him all over again. The third season of Dissect will really help you to understand Frank Ocean’s journey and the importance of said journey to modern music. Every sound, every key change, every time signature is addressed. Music nerds will unite as one with appreciation. With the 4th season on Kendrick’s DNA album newly released, Cooper and I will be diving back into the mind of Samurai Kenny. I for one cannot wait to take this Masters course on the psyche and words of one of the most important Poets working today.

Podcast Critic:
Benjamin Nease

My name is Benjamin Nease and I am an expat Canadian living in New Jersey with my wife Daniela and our dog Cooper. Listening to podcasts while taking Cooper for his walks has become as essential to everyday as drinking water and eating an apple.