Crime Junkie

Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawa
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Podcast Description:
Crime Junkie

If you can never get enough true crime... Congratulations, you’ve found your people with Crime Junkie.

Crime Junkie: Podcast Review

October 15, 2020

Crime Junkie is a true crime podcast hosted by Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat, based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ashley and Brit are true storytellers who are great at bringing attention to true crime stories that have otherwise gone underreported or flown under the radar. You can tell that they really put the effort into doing the proper research on each of these interesting cases. While the podcast is funny and relatable, it can get serious quick and the girls know when it’s important to put on their serious hats and address things appropriately. The style of the podcast can sometimes seem a little produced or rehearsed, but this is because they do thorough research and put a respectable amount of thought and detail into how they’re going to tell these stories.

Crime Junkie is a true true crime podcast-- it doesn’t need another gimmick or differentiator-- the girls employ great storytelling techniques and production to tell these true crime stories and shine a light on them. They offer their thoughts and opinions, sure. Especially as they relate to whodunnits and cold cases, but there is something refreshing about a true crime podcast that just gives the stories the floor and isn’t overcrowded by strong personalities, or focusing on something to make them extra unique.

Podcast Critic:
Stacey Orth

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