CoshCast - Under The Cosh

Rishay Rana, Alexander Nathan, Mohaned Kheir, and Bernie Uche
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Podcast Description:
CoshCast - Under The Cosh

Toronto’s answer to The Football Ramble

CoshCast - Under The Cosh: Podcast Review

November 29, 2019

The Coshboys do football right. They gather Monday evenings. Alex prepares tea. Mohaned moans about the week that has been. Rishay provides politically incorrect opinions and Bernie is constant Bants. In between all of this, they also talk some really smart football. Primarily focusing on the premier league, the CoshCast takes you through the football weekend in the most entertaining manner.  With fun segments like “Fraud or Goat”, a renewed look into La Liga and Serie A and also our very own TFC, the Coshboys, cover everything that is relevant about the game, in an hour tops.

The Coshcast gets me through my Tuesday morning commute. If you are one who enjoys the beautiful game, you need to subscribe.

Podcast Critic:
Amith Menon

Part football wackadoo, part bookworm. MBA in Finance, P. Eng in Electrical Engineering. Applying all that education towards liking every cat video on the internet.