CIBC Innovation Banking

Michael Hainsworth
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CIBC Innovation Banking

Hear from leaders, entrepreneurs, experts and venture capitalists about the changing dynamics of the North American innovation economy.

CIBC Innovation Banking: Podcast Review

April 19, 2021

The CIBC Innovation Banking Podcast is powered by CIBC and hosted by Michael Hainsworth. The show discusses the North American innovation economy through interview-style conversations with business leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and more.

The first thing that I love about this podcast is the wide array of industries that they dive into. On some episodes you’ll learn about healthcare, on others you may hear about company culture and “corporate spirituality." One of my personal favorites is a recent episode discussing innovation within the long-term care industry due to the pandemic. Every episode feels fresh and interesting, with no topic coming across as repetitive or like it's been covered too many times.

The next aspect of the CIBC Innovation Banking Podcast that I love is the length of the episodes. This is something that I often touch on in my podcast reviews because unless it’s a free-style conversation (i.e. comedy podcasts or formats similar to The Joe Rogan Experience where it’s a natural dialogue), I’m not a huge fan of longer shows. This podcast follows an interview-style format and although Michael does a great job at making it feel more like a discussion rather than an interview, I still like that the episodes are always under 30 minutes. I think that’s the perfect length, given the format and content of the show.

Overall, if you are any sort of entrepreneur, creator, innovator, business leader, or just want to stay updated on the latest North American innovations, I highly recommend listening to the CIBC Innovation Banking Podcast.

Podcast Critic:
Alison Osborne

Alison Osborne is the Head of Marketing at Quill Inc, the world’s first dedicated creation hub for podcasters. She has also co-founded Origins Media Haus, a podcast production agency that focuses on producing content for all sizes of brands. In addition to this, she’s the producer of various podcasts such as Create Community and The Tech Haus.