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Podcast Description:

Canadaland is an independent podcast critiquing and analyzing Canadian media and news.

Canadaland: Podcast Review

November 10, 2019

There are very few Canadian perspective podcasts. Canadaland is one of them. 

Canadaland is a crowdfunded (read: people rightly paying for good journalism and content), independent podcast that critiques the Canadian media landscape and analyzes Canadian current affairs. The podcast asks questions you do not regularly hear elsewhere. Amongst many other topics, it queries the role of perhaps-obsolete legacy media institutions, asks how the modern journalistic landscape can and should evolve, and questions the limited indigenous representation in mainstream media.

Host Jesse Brown does divide opinion. His jovial snarky, sarcastic tone definitely rubs some people the wrong way, but it isn’t meant to be taken particularly seriously, and 100,000 listeners a week suggest it’s not much of a barrier to entry. 

Episodes are well researched, occasionally huge stories are broken (The Jian Ghomeshi case, for example) and overall if you’d like to know more about your own country, Canadaland is a great place to start.

Podcast Critic:
Alexander Nathan

@AlexLukasNathan. British/Canadian. Soccer podcaster with @under_thecosh, Director @NUTMEG_SOCCER