Build For Tomorrow (formerly Pessimists Archive)

Jason Feifer
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Podcast Description:
Build For Tomorrow (formerly Pessimists Archive)

Build For Tomorrow is about the unexpected things that shape us, and how we can shape the future

Build For Tomorrow: Podcast Review

February 2, 2021

I love the podcast Build For Tomorrow (formerly Pessimists Archive).

This is a technology & history podcast but it couldn't be more relevant to today. By going back in time and looking at how people of the past feared innovations that today we take for granted, this show really reminds me of how silly we will all sound to future generations.

I love to hear about all the wacky stories from the past that seem a bit crazy now—but were totally normal then! It’s one of the best and unique show angles I have ever come across.

Jason's methodology, presentation skills, and knack for storytelling is a breath of fresh air. He is witty, entertaining, and a genuine author. There’s a steady drumbeat with his message—it’s consistent, it’s human, and it’s effective.

The research team does a great job of seeking out obscure sources and audio clips to back up their conclusions. The production quality is great, and the subject matter is incredibly fascinating. Always chomping at the bits for the next episode to drop. :)

This podcast never fails to interest and educate me. Interesting commentary on how society “thinks” and how new technologies are received. I feel like a son’s content has made me more resilient and excited for the day! Especially during the daunting era of COVID.

I recommend this unique show which peers into a deeper time to find out why people were against new technologies and changes in life. It is definitely worth listening and subscribing.

Podcast Critic:
Adam Soccolich

Adam has 10 years of experience in industry, academia, and consulting. He enjoys learning about innovation, especially at the nexus of science, engineering, art, and design. You connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.