Before Breakfast

Laura Vanderkam
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Podcast Description:
Before Breakfast

Before Breakfast is about how to increase your sense of control over your time while increasing your capacity to take care of what matters in your life.

Before Breakfast: Podcast Review

November 29, 2019

Before Breakfast is my 5-minute refuel each weekday morning that kicks my brain into being mindful as to how I spend my time. This podcast offers a quick reminder me that I am in control of my day starting with how I perceive the time that I have and the decisions I made around how to spend my time. Laura Vanderkam, a time management expert and author, shares her bite-sized strategies to help listeners understand how they can manage their time so that they can have more of it to spend time doing the things they love (or at least the things we have to do).

The podcast presents simple tips and tricks that support reframing our view of what time is, challenging the perceptions we tend to hold around not having enough time, and offers practical solutions to getting the most out of your days. The host offers relatable anecdotes and stories of listeners who are seeking solutions. The best part? There is one topic per episode which as a recovering perfectionist seems to work well for me - it allows for practicing the strategy rather than feeling overwhelmed by the usual 10 or so I might get in longer format podcasts. If you are like me, and a lot of my clients, and struggling with juggling it all Before Breakfast will hand you helpful coping strategies to own your time and feel good doing it.

Podcast Critic:
Megan Rafuse

Megan Rafuse is a mental health innovator, therapist, and co-founder of Shift Collab, a mental health therapy, speaking and education company. You can find her at @meganrafuse and @theshiftcollab