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Across the Pond

Across the Pond's Twitter bio gets it pretty right: “Premier League podcast from across the pond. The word "soccer" began in England so stop blaming America.”

Across the Pond: Podcast Review

October 12, 2020

There’s no greater sign of how thoroughly the love of professional soccer, particularly of the English Premier League variety, has penetrated the U.S. psyche than the success and growth of this hip podcast about all things Prem hosted by a rotating cast of articulate and passionate American fans.  For seven seasons and counting the hosts have been convening weekly online from various locales (DC, Atlanta, New Jersey and points even further flung).  The hosts have a heap ton of chemistry and plenty of club-based rivalries to keep the chat spicy though never spiteful.

One of the things I like most about this podcast, apart from the various hosts’ charisma, is the willingness to talk about the, shall we say, less serious side of the Beautiful Game, frequently encapsulated in a segment they have dubbed the “Swagometer”.  From outré neck tattoos to elaborate hair styles, post-goal celebrations, Managers’ sideline attire, social media activity and more they have their fingers on the pulse of the intangibles that make Premier League so compelling to millions of viewers in the U.S. and around the world.

I also have to give the original roster of hosts credit for being self-aware enough in the wake of the #MeToo movement (how is it that feels like a thousand years ago already???) among others to reach out and recently expand their previously all-male ranks with at least two (so far) female aficionados and experts who have brought fantastic perspective and insight.

So for a fun, self-aware, and not-overly-commercialized soccer podcast that is both informative and entertaining check these guys (and girls) out, whatever side of whatever pond you find yourself!

Essential First Listens:

Meet Jessica Charman (2 Oct 2020) Meet Jessica Charman, Across the Pond's newest member, resident goalkeeper, and former professional for Watford and Reading FC. We talk growing up at the Mad Stad, the Premier League's best keepers, the stutter-step penalty, the Panenka and more.

Meet Jessica Malone (10 Sept 2020) Meet Jessica Malone, geologist and expert ground hopper to discuss her origin story, her life-changing soccer sabbatical, the trajectory of soccer, life as a geologist, and a rapid-fire question round.

This Isn’t New (June 11 2020) The team looks back at a few moments in and around the game of football where racism lingers. Racism isn't new to football and governing bodies need to take stronger stances, clubs need to lead, players need to continue to use their influence to make change and we're here to call it all out. From tangential moments off the field to direct racial abuse of players on the field, we think back on those moments and how football really isn't just a game.

Podcast Critic:
Robert Nease

I’m a has-been teacher and a still-am Corporate Learning Specialist, with an interest in any number of quality podcasts, both still running and defunct. Find me as @RobNease (for Mostly Mundane Tweets) or rneasetrains (Shiny Clean Linkedin Self).