5 Live's World Football Phone-in

Dotun Adebayo and Tim Vickery
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Podcast Description:
5 Live's World Football Phone-in

5 Live's World Football Phone-in is a weekly community-based call-in show about world football, with a charming host and regional experts.

5 Live's World Football Phone-in: Podcast Review

November 10, 2019

The warmth, comfort and bonhomie that the World Football Phone-In manages to create every week is something genuinely rare. The friendship and camaraderie between host, Dotun Adebayo and Latin American football correspondent Tim Vickery is both palpable and infectious.

Each week, Dotun and Tim welcome one of a rotating cast of guest experts who cover a different region (Europe, North America, Africa, Asia) and listeners call in with questions. Unlike the average sports show however, the experts here weave the social, political and cultural context behind their region’s soccer into their answers. When you listen to the World Football Phone-In, you truly learn about the world. 

The longevity of the show is testament to its quality. What started out as a 10-minute radio segment in the late 1990s is now a multiple hour radio show that is edited down to a podcast lasting 1.5 – 2 hours. Don’t be put off by the length. This is a world you will want to get lost in.

Podcast Critic:
Alexander Nathan

@AlexLukasNathan. British/Canadian. Soccer podcaster with @under_thecosh, Director @NUTMEG_SOCCER