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We’ve built an easy-to-use platform that connects aspiring and established podcasters with vetted professionals. Whether it’s help with the initial stages, production or distribution and marketing, we have trusted professionals with direct podcasting experience available to assist.

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For businesses and individuals that want customized, all-in-one support for launching or revamping a podcast, we offer customized packages. Let us know your budget, goals, and timeline and we'll hand-pick the perfect team to deliver results for your show.

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Not sure how to start? Our team of expert vetted freelancers will help you create a podcast that best suits your goals and audience from the ground up.


Have an existing podcast? We’ll perform an in-depth assessment of your current set-up, format, and content and provide you with a plan to revamp your show.

How it Works

Search our vetted freelancers
Choose the perfect freelancer for the task
Hire and pay with peace of mind
Work and share seamlessly

Not sure where to start?

Search our vetted freelancers

All of our freelancers have previous experience working with podcasters just like you!

Choose the perfect freelancer for the task

Contact your chosen freelancer and tell them about your project. Negotiate and agree upon the job scope and timeline.

Hire and pay, with peace of mind

Pay when you hire, but your money doesn’t get released to the freelancer until the job is complete and you confirm you’re satisfied.

Collaborate seamlessly

Send and receive files and communicate in real time through our messenger service.


What Our Customers Say

"I Highly recommending Quill for your podcasting needs. BetaKit was able to source quality production talent that we’re now using for multiple projects. Reliability is key and Quill delivered."

Douglas Soltys
Douglas Soltys
The Black Swan

"If you're looking for a high quality, reliable and curated platform Quill is the way to go. I used their freelancers for full service podcast creation and they exceeded my expectations. Quill has the credibility and experience at a very competitive price. They helped bring our vision to life – and provided exceptional value to the project. Highly recommend!"

Conrad Page
Conrad Page

"The Quill platform made it surprisingly simply to find independent professionals ready to help me start my podcast. The team I selected are true professionals, who knew how to take a rookie like me and make me seem like a pro right out of the gate. I look forward to continuing our journey building the podcast together, with the help of Quill."

“I’ve had a great experience finding help for my show through Quill. The freelancers I’ve worked with have been extremely knowledgeable and have gone above and beyond to support my listener growth. I’d recommend anyone looking for podcasting support to give Quill a try!”

Jenna Medina
Jenna Medina
Booty and Business

"As newbies to the podcasting world we are so grateful to have found Steph on the Quill platform. I didn't have to spend my time researching people and trying to vet them, Quill did all that work for me. We went from an amateur hobby, to having a clear strategy and better overall quality for our listeners in just over a month. They helped us with everything from audio editing and equipment recommendations to social media and content. Our only regret is not working with Quill and Steph's team sooner!"

Laura Gabor
Laura Gabor

"Quill was fantastic to work with.  Fatima responded to my inquiry right away and had already listened to my podcast before we spoke.  She was excellent at distilling what my goals were with the podcast and connecting me with the right people to execute.  I highly recommend for any podcaster who is looking to take their podcast to the next level."

Zale Mednick
Zale Mednick

"I've worked with various production teams over the years and you only realize the difference when you meet a team like Quill. From finding the right guests to the small tweaks in audio and editing a podcast can go from pretty good to great. I'm so proud of what The Marketer's Journey has become and credit Fatima and team for helping us take a massive forward step this season."

"When I set out to start a podcast, I was fairly inexperienced. After meeting with the team at Quill, any worries I had disappeared immediately. The team made me feel so confident every single step of the way, and quickly and efficiently responded to any questions I had. The team holds a wealth of knowledge and expertise in their field, and they are always on the lookout for ways they can improve to best ensure their clients shine. When you work with Quill, not only will you get a great client experience and a polished end product, but you’ll become part of a community of like minded people who amplify each other’s voices. I can’t say enough about the experience I had working with Quill. It’s been an unmatched experience, and I can’t wait to do it all over again!"

Randy Frisch
Sarah Zandbergen

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