Revolutionizing the PeopleOps Space with Oyster's 'New World of Work’

Discover the transformative impact of Oyster’s New World of Work on PeopleOps. Explore how it is reshaping traditional HR practices and unlocking new dimensions of employee experience and organizational success.

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“Quill is an outstanding agency, and we’ve really enjoyed working with them so far. The entire process has been straightforward, and their team members have been supportive and easy to work with. They are very collaborative and receptive to feedback, and we look forward to continuing our partnership.”

Nneka Idika Daly,
Senior Brand Strategist @ Oyster HR

Back Story

Oyster is a global automated employment plan. With the platform, employers can hire, pay, and benefit their employees in over 180+ countries.

Oyster approached Quill with the need to create an original podcast series discussing the various ways in which the working world is changing, specifically how PeopleOps leaders are navigating challenges in the workplace and finding solutions.


The podcast needed to showcase Oyster’s thought leadership in this space, continue to build its community of PeopleOps leaders, and discuss new and innovative ideas in the industry. 

We created the New World of Work podcast: an interview-style show discussing the challenges PeopleOps leaders are solving today and how others in the industry can continue to move the needle forward. In each episode, host Rhys Black sits down with a different PeopleOps leader who is making an impact in their industry and working to challenge the status quo in the working world.

For this podcast, we needed to focus on storytelling, and letting the guests’ expertise shine through. During the editing process, we ensured that the story flowed from beginning to end and that Rhys took a more subtle role as the host, allowing the guest to take center stage. 

Each episode has different, clearly outlined segments to reflect the challenge and the solution. This way, rather than a loose, unfocused discussion on trends in the PeopleOps space, each episode had a clear purpose and engaging story to tell, ensuring listeners remained invested until the end.


1. Identify a host that could help solidify Oyster as a thought leader in the HR and work advancement space

2. Identify a combination of guests from big-name companies with brand recognition and smaller startups to help with both show reach and range

3. Identify guests from all over the world to promote that Oyster is a global company

4. In season one, uses narrative storytelling elements to weave together host narrations in order to have significant space for him to share his personal reflections and experience

5. In subsequent seasons, we pivoted to a true interview format to lean into the conversational elements and success of the host

6. In addition to paid promotion, work closely with guests to provide them with materials and encourage them to share

Services Provided

Episode planning and research
Episode scripting
Guest sourcing and coordination
Episode recording
Sound design and editing
Creative concepting
Titles, show notes, social media
Marketing and audience growth


New World of Work has passed itstheir fourth season and has seen great success in terms of community building, thought leadership, and audience engagement from the branded podcast. They’ve ranked on global charts in the careers category and have positioned themselves as a leading voice in the PeopleOps community.

Through the podcast, the team has also strategically built relationships with their guests and aligned themselves with the best and brightest in the world of HR.


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Meet the Collaborators

Janey Rowe,
Director, PMO, & Operations

Janey Rowe,
Director, PMO, & Operations

Quincy de Vries,
Senior Producer

Brittany Nguyen,
Creative Director

Dillon Moore,
Senior Editor & Video Engineer

David Matta,
Technical Producer

Eric Babakhanian,
Director of Audience Growth