Case Study: Finance in 15 Podcast


PwC was looking to create a podcast that would co-exist as a complement to their Future of Finance initiative, elevating both brands. 

With the launch of PwC’s Future of Finance, an initiative focused on transformative organizational finance enabled by technology, the company was searching for a marketing medium to pair with the program. But with the target audience being key decision makers within organizations, they knew that time would be a major barrier to consumption. The solution had to be quick and easy to consume, yet engaging and valuable to make it worth the listener’s time. 


A short, educational, and valuable podcast series was conceptualized and produced. 

The length and format of the Finance in 15 podcast is bite-sized and easy for busy executives to fit into their day. Most podcasts in the business and finance industry are 45+ minutes in duration, Finance in 15 is much shorter in comparison, which ensures that listeners are engaged until the very end. While keeping the length short, quality was not sacrificed, and the podcast continues to be produced at a high standard.


The Finance in 15 podcast engages corporate decision makers, drives visibility to the Future of Finance initiative, and boosts PwC’s brand awareness.

The Finance in 15 podcast has engaged PwC’s key target audience and corporate decision makers, ranked on Apple’s Top Management Podcast’s list, and achieved a high growth rate for season one within their industry. These awareness and traffic tactics collectively drive leads to the Future of Finance initiative. 

“We created the Finance in 15 podcast as 'quick hits' of finance insights. We found there are a lot of podcasts out there that are 45 minutes+ and we wanted to provide insightful and valuable finance insights in digestible and easy to listen episodes. We know finance transformation is not easy and most people don't know where to start, so we hope to provide some meaningful advice for our listeners.” - Candace Collins, Future of Finance Marketing Leader, PwC Canada

Sample Finance in 15 episodes: 

Getting Started With Finance Transformation

The Finance Transformation Journey: CFO Spotlight 

Transforming People in your Finance Function

Tune in to the Finance in 15 Podcast. 

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