Podcasts To Listen to in 2020

Last updated on: 
March 17, 2021

By Alison Osborne | February 2020

As we continue to settle into 2020, it’s time to check out some new podcasts. As an agency that primarily focuses on creating podcasts, we thought it was about time we shared some of our favourites with our network. As a team, we’re constantly on the hunt for new, unique and interesting content.  

Recommendations from Ali, Chief Marketing Officer

we crashed podcast


“Released early in 2020, this podcast series takes a journalistic approach to the rise and fall of WeWork. Host, David Brown, walks listeners through WeWork from the very beginning to well… its crash. 

Through interviews with key individuals involved in WeWork’s story, I was able to get an inside look at the length that CEO, Adam Neumann, was willing to go to be a “unicorn”.  The genuine and transparent approach to this series is a perfect example of how things can look great on the outside, but falling apart behind closed doors.”

man in the window podcast

Man in the Window 

“There is nothing I love more than a good crime podcast. This series takes listeners on an investigative journey about California’s most deadly serial killer, The Golden State Killer. Host, Paige St. John, shares the eerie story of this killer from the very beginning to the tragic end of his rampage. 

This series is an incredibly well-produced example of a documentary style series. I pretty much binge listened to the entire podcast within a couple of days. One thing is for sure, Man in the Window will definitely make you think twice about not closing your window blinds.” 

stuff you should know

Stuff You Should Know 

“So this series is pretty self-explanatory, shocker - it covers stuff you should know. There’s such a wide spectrum of what hosts Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant talk about so every episode is new and keeps you engaged. 

If you ever want to learn some random facts as a cool party trick, definitely check out this series!” 

the mysterious mr. epstein

The Mysterious Mr. Epstein 

“I just started listening to this podcast and so far, I’m super interested. At this point, I’m sure we’re all aware who Jeffery Epstein is and that there have been a lot of unanswered questions. 

Hosted by Lindsay Graham, this series walks listeners through the entire Epstein case from the first victim the police spoke to, to his final days in jail. Although previously having known about the story, it’s still unnerving to hear Graham discuss what happened. This show is incredibly well produced and well hosted. Definitely worth a listen if you’re comfortable hearing more details about this case.” 

Recommendations from Britt, Chief Creative Officer 

the happiness lab

Happiness Lab 

 “Hosted by Dr. Laurie Santos, this is one of my favourite podcasts. It's light-hearted, uplifting but can also make me cry - really brings you along for a roller coaster ride. You're able to learn the true science of happiness and hear the inspirational stories from some incredible guests. 

I love the values that this podcast preaches, and that it uses some of the advice and insights in my own life. Overall the series is very well produced and each episode has me engaged and interested for the entirety of the recording.” 

no sleep podcast

The NoSleep Podcast

“So completely turning the tables, let’s talk about horror. 

The NoSleep Podcast is a horror anthology series. If you love horror, thriller or just weird stories, definitely check out this podcast. It’s the perfect amount of creepy to keep you incredibly intrigued and engaged. The series is highly produced with a team of voice actors, sound designers and music composers to really immerse listeners into the spooky stories told.”

Recommendations from Steph, Chief Executive Officer

broken record podcast

Broken Record

“In this series, Rick Ruben and Malcolm Gladwell interview successful musicians across various genres to discuss their journey to success and/or the backstory behind popular songs. 

I love hearing the creative process behind each musicians’ work so I can think about how we can apply them to our creative work at Origins Media Haus. The musicians featured also often play their music live during the podcast recording, which adds an additional layer of appreciation for their craft (and who doesn’t like live music!?). 

The show is an incredibly well produced interview-style, so whether you’re a music junkie or not, I highly recommend checking it out.” 

overheard podcast

Overheard, National Geographic

“Have you ever wanted to learn a little more about our earth? I’m fairly obsessed with it.

Overheard gives you a behind the scenes look at what happens underneath the stories told at National Geographic. The series walks you through interesting tales about cultures and climate. It takes a journalistic approach, so as a listener, you feel like you’re uncovering the story alongside the host. 

I love this series because it gives me a higher appreciation of our environment, diverse cultures, and the history behind them. Everytime I finish an episode, I’ve learned something that I didn’t know before, which I absolutely love.”

Our Original Podcasts

Of course, I couldn’t end this article without a shameless plug (surprise, surprise). Our entire team recommends the following series:  

the tech haus podcast

The Tech Haus 

Hosted by Swish Goswami, The Tech Haus breaks down some of the most popular emerging technologies by juxtaposing enterprise and startup perspectives to discuss the challenges and solutions they pose. For example, how can brands better communicate their practices about data privacy? What are the most common fears posed by AI? 

If you’re a lover of all things tech and want to learn how corporate brands are innovating our world with the help of startup disruptors, check this out. 

what the peeve podcast

What the Peeve 

Slow walkers? People chewing with their mouth open? The word “moist”? Are you getting bothered with the mere mention of these? Everyone has pet peeves that just drive them crazy. 

This multi-story, comedic series, goes through different guests’ stories about the pet peeves they experience. We cover the funny, serious, and just plain weird pet peeves that we all have, with the main goal of making people less sh*tty to one another. Hosted by our own Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder, Brittany Nguyen, this highly produced series is sure to make you laugh. 

hustle harder podcast

Hustle Harder 

Last but not least, Hustle Harder is hosted by the Origins Media Haus co-founders, Steph, Britt & Ali. In this series, we candidly chat about the realities of building Origins Media Haus and the experiences that come along with it. Everything from imposter syndrome, its effect on our relationships, and of course the occasional f*ckup. 

If you want a series that truly sheds some light on the entrepreneurial journey and what startups go through, definitely give it a listen.  

Wrap Up

We hope you enjoyed some of the series we’re listening to right now! And of course, we want to know what you’re listening to! Let us know what your favourite podcasts are. 



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