People Are The Worst 

Last updated on: 
February 28, 2021

By: Hailey Krychman

Let's make the world less shitty to live in.

Hosted by Britt Nguyen the Chief Creative Officer of Origins Media Haus, we take snippets of real people to find the weird, funny, and serious pet peeves people find wrong with the world. Our podcast aims to make the world less shitty by tackling one pet peeve at a time. In our first episode ever (!) we are exploring the many ways people can just be the WORST- selfish and inconsiderate beyond belief.

First, our producer Hailey talks about how her pet peeve is people who treat others as a “means to an end” without even asking how the other person is doing. Hailey tells the story of a former friend who tried to crash at her place after going MIA for half a year:

“[Does she] think just because we went to high school and shared a couple of meaningful experiences that [she] could just get a carte blanche on anything from me? That’s not how it works.”

She also explains why asking “how are you” is the most basic amount of care you can provide to another person:

‍“There’s a basic amount of care that you can give to another person and when you don’t even have the effort to show that, it’s such a bad look.”

Next is Sarah, a paramedic who has had it with drivers who just won’t pull over to the side of the road when an emergency vehicle is coming through. She talks about how crazy it is that people don’t realize there’s a real emergency happening and how the patients need to get where they’re going to FAST: 

“It just blows my mind that people don’t care and think their time is worth more than the people in the back of the ambulance.”

Meanwhile, Mack can’t stand it when people chew with their mouths open in public or even in the comfort of home: “I don’t want to see your food.” Mack and Britt discuss whether or not it has to do with how the person was brought up:

“I think part of it might be manners they were brought up with…When you’re around certain people I think that you develop the manners that they have and the habits that they have and once you do it, it’s hard to stop.”

Finally, digital marketer Bruce’s biggest peeve with people is when influencers give generalized advice, instead of using their platforms to share their personal tips: “If you are lucky enough to have people who listen to you, listen back!” Bruce realizes it’s easier for influencers to give general advice since they won’t be held accountable, but it’s annoying to him because he knows more of a positive impact can be made by opening up. He also explains why personal fitness influencers are especially peeve-worthy:

“It’s way too emotionally driven.”

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