Brands That Are Giving Back During COVID-19

Last updated on: 
November 12, 2021

It’s been amazing to watch brands all over the world show their support for healthcare professionals and small businesses during the COVID-19 crisis. So, we decided to compile a list of a few brands who are donating to those in need. 

1. Allbirds 

This ethical shoe brand has already donated over $500,000 worth of footwear to healthcare workers but they’re not stopping anytime soon. Allbirds is offering promotions where every pair of shoes you purchase will automatically supply a healthcare worker with a new pair of footwear. 

If you’re already covered in the footwear department, you can also donate a pair of shoes to healthcare professionals without purchasing your own pair.

2. SkipTheDishes 

The well-known food delivery service has committed to donating $15 million CAD with a variety of initiatives that are focused on supporting restaurants and individuals in need. 

The company launched a $10 million support package that was given to restaurants on its platform. SkipTheDishes also rolled out an option for customers to leave a tip for their restaurant with 100 percent of the proceeds going directly to the restaurant. So far, over $200,000 has been raised for restaurants by SkipTheDishes customers. 

3. Vessi 

The Canadian shoe brand, Vessi, opened its doors for applications from healthcare workers requesting shoe donations. Vessi donated over 2000 pairs of one of their most popular waterproof sneakers to healthcare professionals all over Canada and the United States.   

They have also added a button on their website where you can write to them and make suggestions in other ways that the brand can help healthcare professionals and individuals in need during COVID-19. 

4. Peace Collective 

Peace Collective is supporting Canadian food banks. Since there has been an increase in food demand, but a decrease in volunteers due to self-isolation, Peace Collective wanted to offer their support. 

For every garment sold from their “Home Is…” collection, they will be providing 3 meals to those in need through partnered food banks.

5. Daily Harvest 

The healthy food delivery box, Daily Harvest, has donated thousands of their bowls and smoothies to healthcare workers starting in March. They plan to continue these efforts as long as hospitals and healthcare systems are in need. 

Daily Harvest also donated 400,000 flatbreads to City Harvest through a virtual bingo night held in partnership with Neil Patrick Harris. 

6. Real

Real, a new mental health startup recently launched and since they were not able to open their in-person studio, they are providing a safe and trusted therapeutic space. Real is working on different ways to provide clients with high-quality care, free of charge during COVID-19. 

Some of the services that they’re offering include digital events, digital group salons, digital mental health check-in, and an option for users to donate to the World Health Organization.  

7. StackedSkincare

Skincare brand, StackedSkincare has donated ice rollers to healthcare professionals and has also been exploring different ways for them to help aestheticians that are currently out of work due to COVID-19. 

One support effort they are providing is virtual skin consultations for customers. They are even looking to hire independent aestheticians for these clients. StackedSkincare will also be releasing an e-course that covers how to build a beauty business with applicable tools and strategies. 

8. Birchbox

Birchbox, a monthly delivery service, is donating over 45,000 beauty boxes to healthcare professionals. To make this a reality, they have partnered with hospitals across the United States to provide their product. 

Katia Beauchamp, co-founder and CEO stated:

"When we launched Birchbox in 2010, we were coming out of an economy that was still feeling the effects of the 2008 financial crisis. Of the many lessons we learned, the appetite for self-care and "you time" during unprecedented circumstances is one that I carry with me to this day. With that, I knew we needed to find a way to support the members of our community on the front lines of this pandemic who are in need of self-care the most and I am grateful that Birchbox is able to play a small role in making the lives of our healthcare providers a little brighter.”  

9. Salesforce

Since the COVID-19 crisis, Salesforce has partnered with UCSF and distributed personal protective equipment (PPE) to over 65 hospitals across 10 states in just the last month. Their latest shipment included 40,000 surgical masks and 30,000 hospital gowns. They have sourced 50 million units of PPE for healthcare professionals in the United States, India, and France. 

On their website, they state:

“It’s hard to think of a moment in recent history that has brought the world together on a singular path quite like the COVID-19 pandemic. But each day, we get more familiar with our “new normal” and continue to find ways to help all of our stakeholders, including the communities, businesses and people most affected.”

10. Canada Goose

Toronto-based Canada Goose has transitioned it’s manufacturing facilities to produce scrubs and patient gowns. They are focusing on producing necessary medical gear for frontline healthcare workers and patients across Canada during COVID-19. 

Each facility will employ approximately 50 employees and their initial goal is to produce 10,000 units.

11. Headspace 

Headspace, the popular meditation app is offering free content called “Weathering the storm” where you can find meditations, sleep and movement exercises. To access this content just download the Headspace app and select the “Explore” option, then click on the “Weathering the storm” category. 

Educators across the United States, Canada, U.K., and Australia can receive free, full access to Headspace. They are also offering free access to their platform throughout 2020 to all healthcare professionals. 

12. Corkcicle 

Corkcicle has added an option to their website to select “Support My Local Store,” during check out. The location that you choose will have all the proceeds of your item donated to them. 

The website states, “whether it’s Corkcicle products or not, let’s all think about how we can keep our local businesses supported in the weeks ahead.” 

13. Airbnb

Airbnb and its hosts are offering subsidized housing for over 100,000 healthcare workers and first responders. They are doing this to allow healthcare professionals to safely distance themselves from their family and also be closer to patients. 

All Airbnb fees will be waived during this time, making the housing much more affordable for workers that are taking advantage of this service. 

14. Spanx

The founder of Spanx, Sara Blakely, is donating $5 million to provide support for struggling female entrepreneurs. On top of this, Spanx by Sara Blakely Foundation has partnered with True Story Brands to launch Frontline Dine, where they will focus on delivering over 2,500 meals per week to workers at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. 

15. Goldsheep 

The legging brand, Goldsheep has halted all production of their clothing and instead has switched to producing masks for healthcare workers and individuals. They have also added a “Mask Donation Box” where you purchase the box and all proceeds will go towards producing more medical masks that will be sent to a hospital of your choosing. 

Goldsheep has also launched a “Give Back” collection where every sweatshirt that’s purchased, 5 Goldsheep manufactured masks will be donated to non-clinical healthcare workers at local hospitals, shelters, and other life-saving facilities. 

Show Your Support 

If there’s anything that we’ve learned during this time, it’s the importance of supporting one another. We don’t know when things will go back to a ‘new normal,’ but in the meantime, it’s each of our responsibilities to step up.

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