5 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About AI

Last updated on: 
November 17, 2021

Artificial Intelligence has been receiving a huge amount of recognition in the past year. The term AI is constantly thrown around, but the reality is that not everyone actually understands what it is.

We’re here to break it down for you.

If you have ever searched for a movie on Netflix or asked Siri the temperature, you have interacted with AI. Originally coined by John McCarthy in 1955, AI is a machine with the ability to solve problems, which usually are performed by humans using our natural intelligence. AI is used to build agents or robots, which can replicate human behaviour and make decisions on our behalf. Some of the most popular AI adoptions are known as:

  • Machine learning: Giving a computer system the ability “to learn” using statistical data to become more reliable and efficient. Online personalized recommendation based on your previous purchases.
  • Natural language processing: Building a machinery system that can understand and interpret natural human languages. Siri, Cortana, and Alexa are able to understand human language and can respond to it.  
  • Knowledge management: Receiving an organization’s intangible information and converting it into tangible assets. Data Storages use AI to provide data selection, analysis, and classification in tools such as Google Drive, iCloud, and OneDrive.
  • Pattern recognition: Training a machine to recognize an image exactly like a human-based on a particular pattern. iPhone X face ID can identify people’s faces.

So, now that we know what AI is, here are some amazing, yet scary facts. Warning, these facts might bring you back to the Matrix: 

1. Most AI Bots Are Female.

If you ask Siri, Alexa, Cortana, or your bank’s Voice assistance a question, most likely, you will be answered by a pleasant and polite woman’s voice. The reason? Studies show that males and females are more attracted to a woman's voice.  

2. 2025, The Year of Pet-Bots.

Although real pets are lovable, according to pet-bot developers, they have a few downsides. They need to be fed, cleaned up, and they die. AI pets will be robots that look, feel and act like a real animal, but eliminate such “issues” experienced by owners.

3. AI Can Read your Mind.

Scary right? A new methodology has been developed by roboticists that can create an image of your thoughts using an FMRI scanner. The AI is designed to construct an image from your brain and compare it with other pictures, received from volunteers.

4. AI is Estimated to Kill 6% of Jobs by 2021.  

That’s about 1,160,000 people out of work only in Canada. Although AI is helpful in cutting business costs, it’s set to create some serious problems. According to The Guardian, customer service jobs will face the highest AI threat.

5. AI’s Have Nationalities and Passports.

Sophia, a lifelike humanoid has gained guaranteed citizenship of Saudi Arabia. This has brought much controversy as the public wonders and questions whether or not robots should have rights. Read more here.

The main purpose of AI is for humans to have a machine that thinks faster and more efficiently. But the question becomes, in the process, will machines take over our world? Will it help us reach our highest potential or destroy us in the process?

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